Halstead Spring Water

Halstead Spring Water

Bottled Water, Healthier Workplace

iStock_000002688843XSmallCompanies run lean today. One sick worker can cost hundreds of dollars in lost business each day they’re out.

If you’re in manufacturing and doing rigorous work in a hot environment, frequent breaks for hydration are necessary. What you drink may be hurting more than you realize.

Regular consumption of soft drinks has been linked to obesity and increased body mass index (BMI). High BMI is a risk factor for heart disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer. Chronic illnesses like these result in losses from absenteeism and higher group insurance premiums. It all adds up.

It all hurts the bottom line.

Since water makes up about 60% of your body weight, health experts all over recommend pure water for break time. How much? At least eight 8-ounce servings of fluid each day.

Nothing beats water when it comes to

  • Energizing the body by carrying oxygen to cells
  • Providing moisture for soft tissues in the eyes, nose and mouth
  • Flushing the system and protecting vital organs like kidneys, liver and heart
Bottled Water Delivery is Convenient

We’ve been with Halstead Spring Water for more than 10 years. We’ve looked at other bottled water services, but I don’t think we’ll ever change. It’s good water. We get great service, and you can’t beat the price.

Heartland Medical – New Tazewell, TN

Halstead Spring Water Wins Taste Test

Each year, a panel of 15 judges convenes in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia to taste water from all over the globe. In 2000, the judges awarded Halstead Spring Water with the gold medal for best tasting water in the world.

Take the Halstead Spring Water 60 Day Challenge

Bottled water delivery service to your office or plant in the Knoxville area is affordable. For some, the price averages to about one dollar a month per employee.

Put a water cooler in your workplace and stock it with fresh Halstead Spring Water in 5 gallon bottles for 60 days. If you and your employees decide you don’t like the taste, or you don’t want the healthy benefits of pure mountain spring water, we’ll pick up any unused bottles and refund your money.

We are confident that the benefits of better employee health – at just a dollar a month on average – will turn your company into a Halstead Spring Water customer for life.

Contact Halstead to Schedule Your Free Water Cooler Delivery

Just in case you were having trouble deciding when to start providing pure spring water service to your employees and customers…let’s make it easier for you. Contact Halstead Spring Water below and we’ll loan you a water cooler FREE for the first 60 days.

Take the 60 Day Challenge

YES! I want the free water cooler for 60 days and the world’s best-tasting mountain spring water delivered direct from the Halstead Spring in Cumberland Gap to my workplace.

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