Halstead Spring Water

About Halstead Spring Water

Halstead Spring Water is the first natural spring water bottling company in East Tennessee. Our source has been known for generations as “Cold Spring” in the Cumberland Mountains near Speedwell, Tennessee.

We keep our water as close to natural as possible, using a two stage filtration process. No ionizing. No osmosis. Nothing to change the delicate taste that earned Halstead Spring Water the title of Best Tasting Bottled Water in the World at the 2000 Berkeley Springs, WV International Water Tasting.

Halstead Spring Water has been a favorite bottler for corporations and celebrities who want their own label on the best tasting water in the world – Liz Taylor, Roy Clark, TG Sheppard and 7-11.

For generations, mountain folk in the Cumberland Gap have come to “Cold Spring” for crystal clear water. Health experts today confirm what the locals have known for years: nothing beats the refreshing qualities of pure mountain spring water.

For us, nothing beats the joy we get every time we hear you say, “that’s the best water I’ve ever tasted.”