Halstead Spring Water

Halstead Spring Water

Pure Mountain Spring Water

Berkeley Springs logoJudges at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting awarded Halstead Spring Water its gold medal in 2000. The best tasting water in the world hasn’t changed a bit. We still bottle it from a mountain spring that bubbles up deep in the heart of the Cumberland Mountains. For generations, the locals have called it “Cold Spring,” and it lives up to that reputation.

Halstead Spring Water uses a two-step filtration process to improve the shelf life of our water. Why two stages? When you begin with clear mountain spring water, you’re already so close to perfection that it doesn’t take much.

You can taste the difference in every drop of Halstead Spring Water.

Spring Water in Your Business

Five Gallon Bottles – convenient delivery of Halstead Spring Water in 5 gallon plastic bottles straight from the Cumberland Gap to your workplace.

Three Gallon Bottles – a perfect solution when storage is an issue. These 3 gallon bottles can be tucked away into cabinets or under table skirts.

Water coolers – a perfect pour every time. Halstead Spring Water leases water coolers that dispense pure spring water in two temperature choices: hot and cold, or room temp and cold.